About Us

We are an online marketplace for home appliance services. We are providing services at customer’s doorstep by just getting a short enquiry form customer . New Advance Electrocare, as a company establish with the aim of delivering a quality service in the Home Appliance service area. Apart from the customers satisfaction our focus is over the service of delivering quality product, durable or long life product guarantee.

New Advance Electrocare was established in 2009 and from born to now we are continuously getting experience and learning new technology to improve our work day by day. We are not just a service station, apart from services also deals in sale , purchase and rent the appliances such as AC, washing machine and more. We deal with multiple brands that manufacture and sell home appliances such as Samsung, LG etc.

We are a team of skilled people and believe in removing the hurdle during services rather not just minimized the problem. We have 2000+ customers satisfaction record, they continuously using NEW ADVANCE ELECTROCARECARE services. Excellency never judged on the basic of delivering the product at the place only, for that you need to be perfect in all manners like time management, operation techniques and project handling. Company always prepare with all modern tools and technology to achieve the above.


New Advance Electrocare will be a relevant solution for the home appliances services. Our business idea supports this vision by offering a wide range of services so low that as many as possible will be able to afford them.


Our mission is creating Values for our customers through Reliability, Flexibility, Integrity, and quality. We want every New Advance Electrocare experience to be warm, worry-free, and comfortable.

Our Employees and our Communities are vital to our success. We will support both with investments and resources necessary for them to prosper.